Aesthetic Clarification

The best way to treat the face and the body is to use a combination therapy.

Surgery is now left as a last resource. We have so many other therapies which are non invasive and have very few side side effects like some temporary soreness, bruising and swelling. Radio frequency, Botox or Dyspor for the upper face and fillers for the middle face and PDO threads for the middle face and lower face. There are 3 kinds of PDO threads: smooth threads which provide a meshing that produce a natural collagen overlay on face and body, twist threads that produce some swelling as well, and finally barbed threads that lift the lower face and neck. The PDO threads provide a facelift without surgery. One needs to wait 2 months for the smooth threads to produce natural collagen. All these threads can be used in the face and can lift all parts of the body like neck,  breast, décolleté, abdomen, knees, thighs, elbows , butt and arms.

Kybella is a product that burns fat permanently. It was used for the mental fat only. Now it is used on the jowls, neck fat and even in the sides of the body. Treatments require 4-6 times to be effective depending on the amount of fat in the body.

Fillers we use are Juvaderm, Voluma and Restylane. We have introduced a new filler called Bellafill which lasts 5-10 years like a facelift. After any procedure, we strongly request to see the patient 2 weeks later. The consultation is free. Any additional work will not be performed for free though.

While  neuro-modulators last 3-4 months. Most fillers and threads last 6 moths to one year. Kybella may need to be rechecked in 2 months and small amount of additional product may be needed.  A third small amount may be required  to achieve the 5-10 year longevity of Kybella. Kybella works also for distensible acne scars.

PRP or platelet rich plasma or PRF or platelet rich fibrin may also be injected or micro needled into your skin for rejuvenation and for restoring hair loss, for pigmentation and for stretch marks in your body.

Have a beautiful , young and vibrant face and body for the summer!