Kybella Procedure West Palm Beach with Dr. Merey ~ (561) 659-6756 – Dr. Merey demonstrates the Kybella procedure, a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck.

Do you have stubborn fat under the neck that you’d like to lose? Call Dr. Merey at (561) 659-6756 to schedule your visit

Looking Younger with Fillers – Dr Merey West Palm Beach ~ (561) 659-6756 Our beautiful patient was getting ready for a camp reunion and wanted to freshen up to a more youthful appearance. During our session with her, we used Belotero, Juvederm Ultra Plus X, Radiesse and Dysport. She loved her final results, some which will show after 24 hours.

We hope she enjoys her reunion and her more youthful looks. Are you getting ready for a special occasion and want a more youthful appearance? Call Dr. Merey. We will advice you for the best filler solution. (561) 659-6756

Botox for Men in West Palm Beach, Florida ~ (561) 659-6756 Botox is not just for women. Men have been getting Botox to keep their own appearance smoother and to help with migraines. Dr. Merey shows just how to do Botox for men the right way.

Don’t be be shy! Botox for men is a real thing for real men. Call Dr. Merey today (561) 659-6756 to schedule your consult!


Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Alternative – PDO Threads ~ (561) 659-6756 Dr. Merey demonstrates the adding Nuvo PDO Threads to a young lady who’s had facial palsy. You will see in just a short amount of time how Dr. Merey is able to use the PDO Threads to correct the side of the face that has drooped.

PDO Threads are the latest in non-surgical cosmetic science that can even fix the normally difficult to tighten areas, such as the neck. The procudure is fast, easy and offers ZERO downtime to patients.

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Non-Surgical Facelift – Nuvo Thread Introduction West Palm Beach ~ (561) 659-6756 Dr. Merey offers Nuvo PDO Threads to her West Palm Beach and Palm Beach patients. These threads offer non-surgery lifts to all parts of the body, including the neck. These threads are fast, showing immediately noticeable results and offers no downtime to recover from surgery. This is the best solution for those who want a quick, affordable improvement to those areas that need a lift.

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