Different Dietary Programs

People ask me what is the best diet for them. It is very difficult to decide what is the best program for everybody. The best program is the one that fits them. We spend time with each patient to determine what makes him or her eat. It could be hunger, cravings, hormonal problems and each person is different and deserves an individualized program.Some people do well with a low carbohydrate, high protein program. Others do better with a high carbohydrate , low fat program. Some count calories and do well with a low calorie program. The new regime offered is the Keto diet that emphasizes high fat , no carbohydrate program. Finally a fasting program is now recommended as some people eat all week except 2 days when they do go on a very low calorie program. According  to my opinion the best program is the best one for you personally and one that you can stick to for as long as you can. My go to diet is the Merey program: low carbohydrate diet, low fat intake with high low fat protein. I also encourage vegetables, salads and some fruit. I also help addiction to food and keep my patients accountable for their progress. Also recommend them to do intermittent fasting. Eating  late breakfast and early dinner work for many! To get the best program for you call us on 561 659 6756 and let us find the best method for you to lose weight and to maintain it.