Do You Want to Live Longer?

If you want to live longer, get treated by a woman doctor.

According to to a study published By JAMA Internal Medicine,  32000 lives a year could be saved a year when female physicians were taking care of elderly patients in a hospital setting versus those taken care by male physicians. Although the analysis cannot prove  that the gender of the physicians is the determining factor, the researchers made multiple efforts to rule out other explanations. However they could not find any other explanations. There was a 0.4% points reduction in deaths which translate to the same amount as car crashes that end fatally each year.

In general women are more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines and counsel patients on preventive care. They are also more communicative then men . There were also less re hospitalizations of patients cared by women physicians. There was also a drop in mortality. Female doctors tend to be more patient-centered, talk about and factor in psychological and emotional issues and are better judges of nonverbal cues. Having a female physician is an asset!

However women physicians are discriminated upon and are paid less than their male colleagues.