New Peel, New face, the VIPeel

Start the New Year 20013 with a new face.

We are offering the VIPeel which removes the first layer of the skin to show a wonderful fresh, tight and blemish free skin! Even small lines are reduced.

You will look younger and more beautiful. You will recapture the skin that you had 10 years ago.

Great for mature skin , also skin with acne or melasma which is due to the combination of the sun and hormones.

The procedure is done in the office. Nothing is seen for 48 hours then by the third day peeling will occur. Products are included that help with the peeling. Only 2 days of peeling are observed which can be covered by make up.

Enjoy your tight beautiful face.

Price for the peel and producta is usually $400.

For the New Year, we have a 10% reduction.