New products for November

We are offering for the month of November a new strong peel or VIP peel  that contains 3 ingredients glycolic, TCA and phenol. This peel will erase fine lines and pigmentation from the sun. It will be performed in the office and peeling will occur in 3 days. Some redness may occur that disappears rapidly. The new skin will be smooth and even toned.

Sunscreen is a necessity to protect the new skin.

The price is usually $400 but for the month of November a reduction of $150 will be given to you to look good and young for the holidays.

The Enerpeel is another system that removes fine lines and pigmentation around the lips and eyes using a pen that contains the peeling substance. Usually 3 peels are recommended a month apart for best results.. The price is $200/peel but in November if you pay for 2 you get third one free.

Bolotero is the new filler that can be used superficially, does not lump and can last up to one year. It can be used around the mouth and above the lips as well as in the tear troughs.The price is $500/syringe and 2 syringes for $950 for the month of November.

Microdermabrasion is also offered by itself or in combination with a peel. This device is also supplemented by red light to increase collagen formation. Price is $200 per treatment but if you purchase 2, you receive another one for free. This technique works well for acne patients.

The other fillers are also used for different indications and we use Botox and Dysport depending on the area that needs aneuromodulator.

Book your appointment to look great and young for 2o13.