New Products


We have combined our Medtrim AM and PM formulas for cravings and offering one new formula called Medtrim. Medtrim will remove cravings for carbohydrates, sweets, salt, fat and chocolate. The price is more reasonable $50 and 2-4 tablets need to be consumed before breakfast and before lunch. It will also curb the appetite. This formula does not contain any medication , only amino acids and vitamins. Therefore it is a natural formula. Medtrim raises the 2 neurohormones dopamine, the pleasure hormone and serotonin which is the calming hormone.


We are offering a new formula for weight and fat loss. It combines 3 ingredients: green tea extract which helps increase thermogenesis or enhance the metabolism, mango extract that is a superior natural appetite suppressant and finally raspberry ketone which is a fat burner. This combination has proven to be successful for our patients. Merey Slimming