Nutrition for Weight Loss

Skip the expensive detox plans and follow these five simple rules for losing weight in 2017.If you’ve ever tried to lose weight only to quickly gain it all back again, you’re not alone. The truth is weight loss is difficult, and there’s no quick fix. Here are five tips on how to lose weight and keep it off .
1. Despite What Everyone Tells You, You Don’t Need to Detox
The truth is that your liver and kidneys take care of all of your body’s detoxification needs, so there’s no need to follow any special diet.
2. It May Sound Boring, but Small Changes Really Make a Big Difference
Whether it’s skipping that extra cookie or nixing the sugar in your daily coffee, seemingly small changes on a daily basis can add up to a big change in your weight. Since a five hundred calorie deficit each day leads to about a 1 pound loss each week, even a few changes can have a slimming effect.
3. What You’re Drinking Can Pack on the Pounds
Don’t forget that drinks can have a big impact on your weight-loss success. Whenever possible, opt for low-calorie or calorie-free beverages such as fat-free milk, water, or seltzer. If alcohol is a part of your social life, it can be difficult to abstain completely so make better choices and limit yourself to one light alcoholic beverage for a woman and 2 drinks for a man.
4. You Need to Keep It Real With Yourself and What You Eat
According to the Centers for Disease Control, a healthy rate of weight loss is 2-3 pounds per week. So, keep this in mind when setting your weight loss goal. Setting a realistic goal can keep you from feeling frustrated along the way.
5. Some Gimmicks Just Might Work
Many diet plans are based on gimmicks, or little tricks that are supposed to help you be successful, but often don’t work. But the truth is that some of these gimmicks can work for some people. So if reducing your carbohydrate intake or not eating after 8 o’clock has worked for you in the past, then go with it! You don’t have to follow every aspect of a diet plan in order to be successful. If a diet plan has you living on a diet of celery sticks and grapefruit, then look for a plan that is more well-rounded.