Patient Reviews

gladstone-testimonial“There is no doctor on this planet that is better than Dr. Merey.

Dr. Merey’s office is so wonderful, anything you need help with will be the most important thing to Dr. Merey.
And with her strong knowledge, she will do everything to help you. Her wisdom is so high she is above anyone I have ever been to.

The office is relaxed and yet efficient atmosphere. The People in her office, Delores, Barbara and others make your visit a pleasant and wonderful experience.

If you’re tired of cold offices where you feel like a number and you’re not sure of their knowledge, then do yourself a big favor and go to Dr. Merey’s.

God Bless us all – if only we had more Dr. Mereys the world would be a better place.” – Ms. Gladstone



Munday Moore said:

“I must say I have been looking for someone like Dr. Daisy Merey! It has been a long process and now finally such a wonderful caring doctor. Besides having the ability to transform your face into what your mind wants is beyond amazing. She was not pushy. She was so knowledgeable and considerate. Let me say if you are on the fence…Jump into Dr. Daisy Merey. And to boot she is not only able to do fillers but she is your everything doctor. What a find!! Thank you thank you. The Staff was excellent as well.”

This patient has been with our practice since 1987! Listen to his testimonial to find out why choosing Dr. Daisy Merey is the best choice for you and your health!

This patient shares with Dr. Merey her experience with the practice and how she feels about her progress since being a patient of Dr. Merey.

Mr. Potter needed to lose weight for a surgery. He went to Dr. Merey to help him meet his goal weight. They did a video journal throughout the process to show whole journey from the beginning to the final weigh-in.