PDO threads

It has been already almost 3 years that we have been using the PDO sutures for lifting the jowls and the neck. PDO threads are now considered the most effective way to do a face lift without surgery. There are smooth, twist and barbed sutures to be used for different indications. We can use them for face, brow, breast, arm, knee and  butt lifting. Results are almost immediate and they improve with time. Side effects are minimal (temporary soreness and bruising). The sutures disappear after 5-6 months but they are replaced by your own collagen. The effects  of the sutures may last for 1-2 years. Additional treatments require less sutures. The sutures can be used with Botox or Dysport and with all fillers. Platelet rich plasma or PRP can be added to the sutures as well. This combination of different products make surgery almost obsolete. Please come to see us for a complimentary consultation to achieve best results at very competitive prices. July sales start now. Enjoy a beautiful and rejuvenated face and body this summer. Call 561 659 6756