Protein Diets

Dr. George Bray a guru in weight loss research did recently a study that showed that low calorie diets are more effective in reducing weight than high protein diets.

However high protein diets were improving basal metabolic rate by improving  burning potential.

The other advantage of high protein diets is that they increase muscle mass.

In summary extra calories increase fat mass while protein increases lean mass.

Therefore in weight loss the important point is not how much one weighs but how much muscle and fat one carries in the body.

Body weight and even body mass index are less reliable than body fat or lean body composition in determining one’s health.

Sugars such as sucrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup are efficiently converted to fat with caloric excess. Beware of eating too much fruit which contain fructose as fructose  may be converted as well to triglycerides, the main component of fat.

Fat is not so good either! Added fat calories hidden even in processed food lead also to weight gain?

What should we eat then ?

1. Limit processed foods high in salt and fats.

2. Eat foods full of fiber like salads and vegetables and put color in your plate. Fruit is allowed but in moderation.The fiber in those foods create satiety as well.

3. Stay away from sugars, starches and high fat product, especially saturated fats.

4. Eat low fat protein with each meal.

5. For people with portion control issues, high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat supplements are recommended. Visit our web site.

Merey and healthy slimming!