Restylane® Dermal Filler Face & Lips

Restylane® and Perlane®
Restylane® and Perlane® are safe and natural cosmetic dermal fillers that restore volume and fullness to the skin and face to correct facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds.

Restylane® and Perlane® are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the human body. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane® is a crystal-clear gel called NASHA™ or Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid. NASHA is completely biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid.
Restylane® maintains its shape using the body’s own moisture. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane® is hydrophilic or “water loving.” As hyaluronic acid gradually degrades, each molecule binds to more water and over time, the same volume can be maintained with less hyaluronic acid. This ability of hyaluronic acid to bind to water is what helps provide lasting results.
Perlane® has larger gel particles and is intended to be injected deeper within the skin. Restylane® is free from animal proteins. This limits any risk of animal-based disease transmissions or development of allergic reactions to animal proteins.


Restylane® is tailored for:

• Creating lip volume in the body of the lip
• Enhancing the vermilion border to increase definition
• Increasing definition to the philtrum ridges
Restylane® is specially formulated to support the lips’ everyday movements – like talking, smiling, laughing and kissing, and designed to improve treatment results and longevity. By supporting these movements, Restylane®  sustains lip definition and fullness over time making Restylane® the obvious treatment of choice for lip enhancement.

Can I have an allergic reaction to Restylane®?

Restylane® is non animal based and therefore requires no skin testing. This eliminates any possibility of allergic reaction.
What are the side effects?
The only side effects that can occur are temporary redness and slight swelling at the site of injection. This disappears in a short period of time.

Will I feel any pain?

Restylane® is injected directly into the skin in tiny amounts with an ultra fine needle. A topical anesthetic may be used when injecting facial lines and folds. When used to enhance the lips, a local anesthetic, similar to that used by a dentist, is administered so that the procedure is pain free

How long do the effects of Restylane® last?

The additional difference is that the effects are more long lasting, usually 6-9 months