Whatever works for weight loss, works for the heart, brain and cancer

Carbohydrates are inflammatory. They cause the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity. For weight loss a modified Mediterranean diet has been advocated. Low carbohydrate, low fat and low fat protein are the basis for this diet. Exercise is also recommended. Some nuts, olive oil and red wine are also in the program. Exercise is an integral part of this program.

It was observed that the same program helps in cardiovascular disease as it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. This program also reduces inflammation which is the root of all diseases. Exercise is very important in heart disease as it also helps the circulation in the body.

Interestingly, the same pathology is involved in brain disease, like Alzheimer’s and strokes. To prevent heart attacks and strokes, the main preventative strategy is lifestyle changes like diet, exercise and stress reduction.

The same dietary advice is given in all those diseases.

Finally, we recommend the same advice is given for cancer. Cancer is also caused by inflammation and the Mediterranean diet has been preventative.The American Cancer Society guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention emphasized the importance of weight control, physical activity and diet in the Cancer Journal of March 2012. Weight issues are very important to take care of for cancer prevention.

Fruit and vegetables are cancer protective while fatty and fried foods are cancer causing. Sugar and starches are also detrimental. Regular exercise is necessary as well.

It is interesting that for all these diseases the primary prevention is the same!